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    Good Black Ops Classes :)


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    Good Black Ops Classes :)

    Post  zXziTzaLeXzXz on 8/10/2011, 9:21 pm

    Class 1 (a tryhard class): Primary>Galil>attachment1>red dot sight>attachment2>extended mags
    Secondary>Makarov>attachment>extended mags
    Perk 1>Scavenger
    Perk 2>Warlord
    Perk 3>Hacker
    Lethal>semtex or tomahawk
    Tactical>any besides willy pete

    Class 2 (quickscope) :
    Primary>L96A1>attachment>variable zoom
    Secondary>Ballistic Knives
    Perk 1>Scavenger
    Perk 2>Sleight of Hand
    Perk 3>does not matter>Hacker
    Tactical>Nova Gas
    Equipment>camera spike

    Class 3 (another try hard class) :
    Primary>Famas>attachment>Extended mags
    Secondary>Python>attachment>Speed Reloader
    Perk 1>Scavenger
    Perk 2>steady aim
    Perk 3>Second Chance
    Lethal>Frag or Semtex
    Tactical>any but willy pete

    WILL UPDATE! All of these classes have been used by me to see what results i get and most are good :)Vote +

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