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    how to get freee coke from a vending mechines


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    how to get freee coke from a vending mechines

    Post  WILL on 25/9/2011, 11:08 am

    How To 'Hack' a Coca Cola Machine

    There's a very strict list of vending machines that have the debug menu. First off,
    they're all COCA-COLA product vending machines. This means the giant, un-missable
    picture on the front must show any of the following: Coke, Dasani (Water), Barq's
    Root Beer, Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Evlan (water), Fanta, Fresca,
    Frutopia, Hi-C, Sprite Remix, Mad River, Mello Yello, Minute Maid, Nestea, Odwalla,
    Mr. Pibb/Pibb Xtra, Planet Java, Power Ade, Seagram's Ginger Ale, Simply Orange,
    Sparkletts, or Tab. Of course anything Diet or Caffeine free works too.
    The machine must have an LED screen. Some of the older ones just allow the LED to
    be set to a price amount and won't have the debug menu. You're safer if the little
    LED is telling you something. Usually it will scroll a little message like "Ice
    Cold Cokes". Newer machines are more likely candidates.

    To enter the menu, there's a button combination. HERE'S THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TO

    4 2 3 1

    The buttons are numbered depending on how they are positioned. They will either be
    vertical (more likely), or in horizontal rows of 4 buttons per row. If it is
    vertical, the first button is #1, the one below it is #2, and so forth. If the
    buttons are in horizontal rows, the first button is #1, and the one to the right of
    it is #2. The numbers work like a type writer after that. In rows of 4, the first
    button of row 2 will be button #5. So, to review, getting in to the debug menu
    looks like this:

    COKE MACHINE::::::
    £1.00 -------
    [ Coke ] <-- Hit this button last
    [ Coke ] <-- Hit this button second
    [ Diet Coke ] <-- Hit this button third
    [ Sprite ] <-- Hit this button first
    [ And so on ]
    Some text should show up on the LED (probably the word "Error", we'll explain what
    it means next sections). If nothing happens, your machine doesn't have the debug

    3. Options and Errors
    To navigate from option to option (What they are is next section), remember the
    numberings we gave the buttons. They work as follows:
    Button [ 1 ] - Exit/Back
    Button [ 2 ] - Up
    Button [ 3 ] - Down
    Button [ 4 ] - Select

    Depending on the age of the machine, you will get a varying amount of default
    options available.
    On older machines: SALE, VER, EROR, and RTN
    On newer machines: CASH, SALE, EROR, and RTN

    CASH - Machine Earnings Display
    The CASH option will display how much money is in the machine currently. It
    generally takes a second or two to load. From here, you can scroll up and down
    through 12 or 16 different options, depending on the machine age. These other
    options display how much money was spent on each individual item, classified
    through its button (or slot, as I like to call it) number.
    A neat side note about the slot numbers is that there are more slot numbers than
    there are actual slot, so usually the last 4 buttons contain zero money. This could
    be so that the same OS could be used on bigger machines, but the newer machines
    have even more slot numbers.

    SALE - Total Sale Count
    The SALE option displays how many drinks have been sold out of the machine. This
    tends to be cumulative, but not on all machines. The stock guy is probably supposed
    to reset this each time he re-stocks. Also, this has the same sub-options as the
    CASH option, where you can scroll up and down and see how many drinks have been
    sold from each slot.

    VER - System/Machine Version?
    This option will cause a large alphanumeric string to scroll across the LCD. The
    number looks very much like a serial number, but doesn't vary from machine to
    machine. It is most likely the OS or machine version number, but of the older
    machines that have the option, I haven't seen one that doesn't have the same

    EROR - Error Log
    There are 8 different types of errors - COLJ (Column Jams), VEnd (Vend Mechanism),
    door (Door Switch), sels (Select Switch), CHAR (Changer Errors), acce (Acceptor
    Errors), StS (Space-to-sales errors), and bVal (Bill Validators). The separate
    types and actual errors are useless, as you assumably can't get inside the machine,
    BUT(! you can clear the errors. Hold the enter (Number 4) button down for about 2
    seconds, and it should clear the error.

    RTN - Return
    This is simply the return option. Selecting this will exit the debug menu. On newer
    machines, pressing the BACK button at the main menu will not exit, and RTN must be
    selected. (A side note: The menu can also be exited by pressing the coin return button.)

    By holding in the coin return button and not releasing, on the newer "big-button"
    machines, this will display the internal temperature in Fahrenheit, as in "42F".
    There are many more menu options that are only accessible if they've either been
    enabled from the computer inside the machine, or on the internal computer behind
    the door (Probably not feasible for you to access).

    CPO - Coin Payout Mode
    You can can dump coins from the coin mechanism, and the various menu options allow
    you to choose which type of coins (Nickels, dimes, etc.) are dumped.

    tVFL - Tube Fill Mode
    This is useless to you. This allows you to load coins into the coin tubes, which
    you can't do from the outside.

    TEST - Test Routines
    This allows you to test the following various routines:

    SE Allows you to test the buttons. Will give you number
    of button when you press it

    SP Sold-out paddle test. Not quite sure, most likely internal function.

    Su Sold-out switch test. Same as paddle.

    CO Motor test. Will run various column motors.

    Cn Coin test. Put in a coin and it will tell you what kind of
    coin it is.

    nA Note acceptor test. Same as Cn, but for bills.

    dSP Display test. Will illuminate various LEDs.

    vErS Rattles off version number.

    RELY - Relay test
    This tests the relay electronic control of various parts. Do not do, as it will
    cause damage if various internal parts are not unplugged before usage.

    PASS - Password
    This is not normally accessible, but allows you to change the menu password from
    the 4-2-3-1. Whoo!

    PrIC - Price Setting
    Used to set the price for a drink. Not sure how to work it, but it seems simple

    StOS - Space-to-sales routine
    Lets you change the STS routine and other options. This means that various buttons
    will all mean the same thing, i.e. the 6 coke buttons don't actually vend from 6
    different columns, but vend from one (changing when one runs out of course).

    COn - Machine Configuration/Permissions
    This is the machine config menu that decides what of these options you are allowed
    to access through the outside panel. This is probably only accessible with the door
    open. I won't go into detail, but I'll list the Config numbers and what each do:
    C1 sets price menu on,
    C2 sets special (manufacturer) options on),
    C3 disables the "ICE COLD COKE" message.
    C4 is autoviewing of menu when door is opened,
    C5 is door switch status,
    C6 is mysteriously reserved for "future use",
    C7 determines whether your money credit stays in for 5 minutes or indefinitely,
    C8 is Force Vend,
    C9 allows multiple vends without putting in more money (i.e put in a 5 and get 3 cokes
    and then your change), and
    C10 is Escrow Inhibit.

    CCoC - Correct Change Only Control

    Adjusts Correct Change only rule to your liking.

    TIME - Time Adjustment

    Allows you to set the machine's local time.

    LANG - Language Selection Not sure how many languages are supported, but there are apparently more than just

    Its possible to get free drinks (unlimited), changes prices etc etc
    Give it a try, it really works with the big red machines ^^

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    Re: how to get freee coke from a vending mechines

    Post  Z on 25/9/2011, 6:40 pm

    Wow.... errr, I don't really know what to say, as this is the most RANDOM thing I have ever seen tbh.


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    i have done this but wow good tut

    Post  zXziTzaLeXzXz on 11/10/2011, 12:50 am

    i did this b4 and it worx lolz just dont get caught XD good post

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    Re: how to get freee coke from a vending mechines

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